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Yes, Contradictions Exist in the Bible, for They Exist in Ourselves

I know that many conservative Christians believe that the Bible tells one big saving story and work hard to harmonize all its smaller stories and its testimonies. I think a harmonized Bible does not do justice to what it has to offer.

India Is One Step Closer to a Hindu Theocracy

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former President Donald Trump are hyper-nationalists and Islamophobes. Both push fear-driven campaigns based on historical grievances and aversion to foreign religions and ethnicities. A militant Hindu monk has been elected to lead India’s largest state, and he is rabidly anti-Muslim.

Lent Is Here. Remind Me What It’s All About?

Lent is the 40-day period leads up to Holy Week. Some of the most sacred days in the church calendar happen during this time – including Easter, which commemorates Christians’ central belief that Jesus was crucified and buried before rising from the dead.

‘Threshold-Crossing Grampa’ Writes Letter to Grandchildren about Crossing Their Own Thresholds

Each day, you cross thresholds without thinking about them. But they can represent an arriving home and/or a setting out. Usually both. Your current life experiences bring exciting learning opportunities that will serve you well — perhaps not in the moment, but tomorrow, in a time-release way.

Ask a Bahá’í: How Do Bahá’ís Get Clergy?

There are no clergy in the Bahá’í Faith. Each person is enjoined by Bahá’u’lláh — the Promised One of all Religions, who founded the Bahá’í Faith — to investigate truth for ourselves, to learn and not rely upon “the knowledge of [our] neighbor” and “see with [our] own eyes.”

Falling Down Teaches Me Patience, Gratefulness and Perseverance

Whether it’s our own mistakes that cause us to fall — like brushing a horse against an electric fence — or we’re faultless like hitting a hidden patch of ice — there’s a lesson to be learned.

Jerusalem Cross Gardening: A Compass for Inner Transformation

The Jerusalem-cross-raised-bed with its four quadrants facing West, North, East and South — each representing one of nature's four seasons (fall, winter, spring and summer) and one of the four Christian Gospels (Matthew, Mark, John and Luke/Acts). These serve as a compass for a journey of inner transformation.

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