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Ask an Evangelical: How Do You Define ‘Evangelical’?

I consider myself Evangelical, meaning one who shares the gospel of Jesus. Do you share this definition?

Ask a Catholic: Do Animals Have Souls?

There doesn't seem to be, strictly speaking, any official teaching of the Catholic Church about whether animals have souls or not. 

Ask an Eastern Orthodox Christian: Will God Forgive the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit of God?

Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit occurs when a person actively and willingly pursues a conscious, continuous deliberate malicious attitude of rejecting the Holy Spirit of God, calling God, who is Good, evil.

Ask an Eastern Orthodox Christian: Can Our Loved Ones See Us and Hear Us from Heaven?

In the Orthodox faith, the bond of love between those who are present and those who departed exists and is upheld through mutual prayer for one another. Should a man that has prayed for his wife for 50 years stop praying for her after she has departed? Prayers for the departed help them; however, we don’t know how.

Ask a Baha’i: How Has Your Faith Changed Over the Years?

The 20th century had a focus on bringing the teachings to and establishing Bahá’í communities in every country and region of the world, which Bahá’ís were quite successful at.

Ask A Buddhist: The Natural Law of Karma

It’s easy to misunderstand many aspects of Buddhism when it’s viewed through the lens of the Abrahamic traditions. In my experience, one of the hardest ideas to grasp is the law of karma.

Ask a Catholic: Are Sacraments Necessary to Get to Heaven?

The sacraments are given to us as ways to nourish, in various ways, an active love for God and neighbor. They are means to an end, not ends in themselves. 

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