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Monday, December 11, 2023

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Explaining the rise in hate crimes against Muslims in the US

The rhetoric politicians use after terrorist attacks is correlated closely to sharp increases and decreases in hate crimes.

Will global warming change Native American religious practices?

Policies related to the mining of natural resources and damming of rivers on indigenous lands have also led to changes in Native Americans’ religious practices.

Why cash remains sacred in American churches

Individuals can use the same US$100 to buy drugs, feed a frugal family for a week, buy a designer scarf or give it to God in an offering plate.

What do protests about Harry Potter books teach us?

But not everyone celebrated Harry’s big day. In fact, a vocal group of Christians – usually identified as “Bible-believing” or fundamentalist Christians – has been resistant to Harry’s charms from the start.

Before the digital age, how religious groups increased the numbers in their order

By sharing their work through the latest means of communication, these religious orders are only adapting what has been a long tradition of making contact with the world.

Can yoga be Christian?

Yoga has never had a single purpose for its seekers – whether it is philosopher-ascetics seeking enlightenment, ecstatic devotees expressing love of God, people in pursuit of yogic superpowers, fitness buffs seeking the perfect “yoga butt” or Christians wanting to get “closer to Christ.”

When is a leak ethical?

I would argue that because of the broad scope of their leaks, the disclosures had the potential to cause greater harm than more limited leaks – an important factor that scholars weigh in when measuring the ethics of leaking.

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