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Susie Weller

Susie Leonard Weller holds a master's degree in pastoral ministry and works as a certified life and spiritual coach. Learn more about her at website.

Pentecost’s message for today: Unity and hope in a turbulent world

Explore the profound significance of Pentecost, a testament to the Holy Spirit's ability to unite and inspire love.

Let’s Consider a Palestinian Perspective about the Israel-Hamas War

Even though I appreciate how the Israelis have “made the desert bloom,” it has come at a great price for the local Palestinians.

Who Are Two Bridge-Builders between Christians and Muslims?

I consider both Rumi, creator of the Whirling Dervish Ceremony I witnessed, and Mother Mary to be unique bridge-builders between Christians and Muslims.

Why Is Lent an Important Season?

The word “Lent” has various meanings. According to the Collins Dictionary, the Ango-Saxon root of “Lencten” means Spring in Latin and the lengthening of the hours of daylight. It also signifies 40 days. In many faith traditions, the number 40 symbolizes key events. For example, both Moses and Jesus waited 40 days and nights before receiving God’s guidance.

Speak out: refuse to justify the ‘unthinkable’ of using ‘limited’ nuclear weaponry

The Cuban missile crisis was exactly 60 years ago and brought us to the brink of a nuclear war with the former Soviet Union. Thankfully, President Kennedy found helpful back channels to communicate with Nikita Krushchev, and he backed down. We are facing a similar crisis this October. President Biden recently said at a fundraiser: “I don’t think there’s any such thing as the ability to easily (use) a tactical nuclear weapon and not end up with Armageddon.”

Prioritize a Weekly “Sabbath” to Rest and Renew from Your Labors

This Labor Day Weekend, I’m committing to enjoying a “Sabbath” on a weekly basis throughout the year.

Embody the Qualities of Mothering — Including the Divine Feminine

Mother’s Day celebrates the gifts of biological mothers, as well as those who nurture us in other ways. We also honor the Divine Feminine within who encourages and comforts us. 

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