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Sarah Pulliam Bailey

Sarah Pulliam Bailey joined RNS as a national correspondent in 2013. She has previously served as managing editor of Odyssey Networks and online editor for Christianity Today.

Wikipedia’s edit wars and the 8 religious pages people can’t stop editing

When he was a student at Brigham Young University three years ago, Anthony Willey came across a Wikipedia page on Mormons.

The papal World Cup: Benedict XVI’s Germany will face Francis’ Argentina

Pope Francis’ native Argentina will face off against Benedict XVI’s native Germany in the final World Cup match at 3 p.m. EST Sunday (July 13).

Was Dietrich Bonhoeffer gay? A new biography raises questions

A new biography is raising questions about the life and relationships of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, an anti-Nazi dissident whose theological writings remain widely influential among Christians.

World Vision, recovering from gay policy shift, tries to shore up its evangelical base

World Vision tested evangelical boundaries three months ago when it announced it would allow its employees to be in same-sex marriages.

Kate Kelly, Mormon women’s group founder, excommunicated from church

A panel of Mormon judges has moved to excommunicate on charges of apostasy the founder of a group advocating for women clergy, according to a statement from the group,Ordain Women.

Is pulpit plagiarism on the rise? Some blame the Internet

Thou shalt not steal another pastor’s sermon? Recent cases of high-profile pastors who have been accused of lifting others’ material are raising questions about whether pulpit plagiarism is on the rise — and whether it has become a more forgivable sin.

Conservative United Methodists say divide over sexuality is ‘irreconcilable’

Will the United Methodist Church soon have to drop the “United” part of its name?

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