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Michael Curry Responds to Complaints of ‘Free Passes’ for Accused Bishops, Spokane Bishop Calls for Action

At least 55 Episcopal bishops signed a letter saying they are ‘angered by and deeply concerned about the perception — or the reality — that bishops get a free pass on behavioral issues.’

Sinead O’Connor Was a Rock Star and a Muslim. Why Did Obituaries Miss This?

The obscuring of Sinead O’Connor’s Muslim faith by the mainstream media suggests that the Islamic faith is still seen as somehow incompatible with show business. Few Muslim female singers reach global fame on this scale, so it is disappointing that so few in the media saw O’Connor’s brilliant life as a chance to challenge Islamophobia.

How a Mysterious Indian Religious Figure United Hindus and Muslims

Shirdi Sai Baba’s influence was monumental in shaping Indian spirituality. He encouraged both his Hindu and Muslim followers to read their respective holy texts to become the best versions of themselves. He rejected material offerings and spent his life in contemplation, eschewing orthodoxy.

In New Book, Russell Moore Urges Evangelicals to Stop Lying and Come Back to Jesus

"Losing Our Religion: An Altar Call for Evangelical America" was inspired by conversations Russell Moore has had in recent years with disillusioned evangelicals, some of whom he said are feeling a sense of despair at the state of the church and of American culture. The book is part altar call for his fellow evangelicals and part retelling of the surprising lessons he’s learned in recent years.

Some Baptists Debate About Women Preaching, Others Listen to Women Preach

Much ink and many pixels were devoted to the SBC’s debates on women in ministry, but people looked the other way as women preached at other Baptist gatherings. If women preaching at Baptist meetings isn’t newsworthy, then neither is a debate about them.

When the ‘Left’ Lectures Muslims on the ‘Right’ on LGBTQ Curriculums

In recent months, Muslims in Canada and the U.S. have protested the mandatory inclusion of newly developed LGBTQ content in school curriculums as well as the general representation of same-sex attraction in school events and academic teachings. The school system, Muslims argue, should be impartial and not force children to learn subject matter against their parents’ consent.

Rare Einstein Letter Rebutting Biblical Creation Story for Sale

For the first time, a letter written by Albert Einstein on the creation of the universe is for sale publicly at the Raab Collection in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. The letter, written on April 11, 1950, to a group of Jewish students in America, is valued at $125,000.

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