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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Jan Shannon

Jan Shannon is a full-time seminary student at Iliff School of Theology, a wife, mom, granny, and gay Christian.

Leave the boat, face the waves and fight racism

We talk about the white supremacy that was evident in Charlottesville. White supremacy is real. It's not just a few angry white guys, it's the systemic racism embedded in our country. There are more whites than people of color in seats of authority and power, even in regional areas where whites are the minority. That is just flat wrong! We cannot continue to speak over our black and brown siblings in Christ.

I’m too busy for your rules

The rules that many different faith traditions have used to bar the LGBTQ+ community from membership, the trauma that the Christian church especially has caused, and the pain and suffering that people who call themselves followers of a loving God have heaped on queer folks, keeps me too busy to waste time writing about it.

Most powerful woman in the Bible: The Holy Spirit

I choose the Holy Spirit. Mentioned throughout the book of Proverbs, Wisdom, translated as Sophia, shouts in the streets, and raises her voice to call us back to the fear of God.

#Resistance: A Better Strategy – Say His Name

Our fight isn’t against the person, President Donald Trump, it is against bigotry and hate and discrimination, and we will lose the fight against the ‘powers of darkness’ if we leave behind truth and righteousness which are founded in the Gospel of peace.

Soulless Nation, turn to the Bible

Right here in Spokane, we’ve already had incidents of racism and anti-Semitism. People are asking themselves how this happened, well, it happened because we have abandoned God and tried to fix things on our own.

Viewpoints: Is there a spiritual component to sex?

Do you believe there is a spiritual component to sex? Explain.

I’m begging you: Fight on!

Here’s my point, we don’t attain eternal life or real life accidently. We don’t just wander into righteousness.

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