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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Liv Larson Andrews

Liv Larson Andrews believes in the sensus lusus, or playful spirit. Liturgy, worship and faithful practice are at their best when accompanied with a wink, she says.

What’s it worth?

On a personal level, my small church is struggling to work more lean and still go about the ministry we wish to do in light of declining funds. The neighborhood around us is both booming and hurting.

Meet me in St. Louie: Trying to understand Ferguson

My hometown of Ballwin is about 30 minutes away from Ferguson, another suburb of St. Louis.

Two Rivers, Many Prayers

We gathered in a campground overlooking the mighty Columbia, just north of the place where the Spokane joins it. My family and friend were four of the small handful of white faces in a crowd of Spokane, Colville, Yakima and Okanagan tribespeople.

Give and do not withhold

"Don't Give to Panhandlers," the signs will read. Around Spokane, billboards bearing this request will soon rise.

Feminist: My Favorite F Word

When I hear it, I feel strong. When others hear it, they feel attacked. Yet it is a word and a movement that shapes all of us: feminism.

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"We who seek relationship with the divine, we who commit to tell the truth, we who know our own dependency on a good creator,...

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"For now, resurrection promise lives in my sore feet and scratchy voice. Like the weariness of new parents, this exhaustion is holy." - Rev Liv....

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