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Joan Braune

Joan Braune, Ph.D., teaches philosophy at Gonzaga University and serves on the Council of Experts for the Gonzaga Institute for Hate Studies. She does research, public speaking, and community work against hate groups and is currently writing a book on the resurgence of fascist movements in the United States and how to overcome them. She cherishes her interfaith upbringing by a Catholic and a Jew and has been involved in various interfaith dialogue projects, including serving as a founding member of Bridges Not Walls, a Spokane-based predominantly Catholic organization that seeks to build dialogue and friendship with the local Muslim community. She has published two books on Frankfurt School Critical Theorist, psychoanalyst, and activist Erich Fromm. Her writing represents her own views, not any employer or organization.

Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories Wrongly Attempt To Fill Human Needs

Now, with many people spending more time online, feeling afraid, and struggling to find accurate information about the coronavirus, conspiracy theories are proliferating.

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