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Janine Warrington

Spokane native Janine Warrington received her Bachelor of Arts in religious studies from Gonzaga University in 2017 and their Master's in divinity from Candler School of Theology at Emory University in 2021. Areas of interest include the history of evangelical America, sexual ethics, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and Scripture studies. They now lives in Atlanta where they work in public theological education. Outside of academia, Janine enjoys cooking, yoga, Broadway musicals, and bothering their younger sister. Pronouns: She/Her/They.

What is the Bible?

How does one read the Bible responsibly? The Bible and the practice of reading it are complex, multi-faceted, and highly disputed.

UMC’s “Traditional Plan” not Biblically Responsible

I believe in the authority and influence of the Bible, and therefore I believe that interpretation and application of the Bible should be taken seriously and done responsibly. Unfortunately, the Traditional Plan is not the result of responsible biblical interpretation.

Don’t force the word “Christmas”

The problem isn’t that the world doesn’t say “Christmas” enough; it’s that we say it too much.

There is Evangelical Diversity

“Evangelical,” at its root, is a religious identifier, not a political one, and evangelical Christians in America span the full political spectrum.

Transgender Friends: You are Created in the Image of God

God doesn’t confine themself to a single gender. God’s identity is complex and multifaceted, and humanity is created in God’s image.

#WhyIDidntReport — The Justice System Doesn’t Protect Victims

After surviving this kind of horrible power abuse, victims often continue to be subject to power abuse from the authority figures whose job it is to protect.

Churches need to be a safe space to talk about sex

Sex can be a touchy subject, and when it comes to church, people often feel that they are being judged or shamed for their behavior in their private lives.

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