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Eric Blauer

I am Frederick Christian Blauer IV, but I go by Eric, it sounds less like a megalomaniac but still hints at my Scandinavian destiny of coastal conquest and ultimate rule. I have accumulated a fair number of titles: son, brother, husband, father, pastor, writer, artist and a few other more colorful titles by my fanged fans. I am a lover of story be it heard, read or watched in all beauty, gory or glory. I write and speak as an exorcist or poltergeist, splashing holy water, spilling wine and breaking bread between the apocalypse and a sleeping baby. I am possessed by too many words and they get driven out like wild pigs and into the waters of my blog at www.fcb4.tumblr.com. I work as a pastor at Jacob's Well Church (www.jacobswellspokane.com) across the tracks on 'that' side of town. I follow Christ in East Central Spokane among saints, sinners, angels, demons, crime, condoms, chaos, beauty, goodness and powerful weakness. I have more questions than answers, grey hairs than brown, fat than muscle, fire than fireplace and experience more love from my wife, family and friends than a man should be blessed with in one lifetime.

Death is the Christian’s enemy

“Give strong drink to the one who is perishing, and wine to those in bitter distress; let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more,” Proverbs 31:6-7.

I've been thinking about this issue since my mother is battling, most likely, terminal cancer if she doesn't get healed.

My New Year Resolution Solution

Ahhh the New Years Resolution. "Anything is possible!!!" "Carpe on your denim" or whatever that Latin phrase is. "Grab the Bull by the horns"... just try to avoid the goring.

Do to others as I would want done to myself

I am called to live by the principle of 'Do to others as I would want done to myself.' If my kids or wife were in danger of harm or death, I would hope someone who had the power to protect them would step in and save them from danger. I would do the same for others.

A dream born…in the nightmare

As I prepared to speak on another Advent Sunday, I cannot believe the similarities of agony and suffering that is told in the passages I was reading and then turning on the news and watching unfold in Connecticut. The beginning of God's reign on earth was in the midst of bloodshed and evil visited upon the most vulnerable and innocent among us: children.

I’m thankful for simple things

I'm thankful for the gift of God's love being experienced through marriage, family, friends...

Religion can hurt

Yes, I have been on both sides of the matter. I've hurt others in my failure to truly understand and practice my own faith and i've been hurt by other's who didn't understand or practice their own.

I want to know who a candidate worships


When I vote for someone to lead the most influential, powerful, richest, war-possible countries on the planet, I want to know who, what and where  they they worship because it influences and shapes their moral compass.

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