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Emily Mcfarlan Miller

Drive-thru live Nativities are tailor-made for a COVID-19 Christmas

Live Nativities - it’s an idea whose time has come as the pandemic stretches into the Christmas season.

‘Kayak Church’ gathers in person — and on the water — amid pandemic

More than two dozen people joined the brightly colored flotilla for Kayak Church on Sunday (Aug. 30) as Faith, like so many other churches across the country, dips its toes into meeting together in person after months apart during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

How Jesus became white — and why it’s time to cancel that

A copy of Warner E. Sallman's "Head of Christ" painting hung in her home, depicting a gentle Jesus with blue eyes turned heavenward and dark blond hair cascading over his shoulders in waves.

What religious left? Few Americans see Democratic presidential field as very religious

But few Americans see the Democratic presidential candidates as very religious, according to a survey released Thursday (Feb. 27) by Pew Research Center.

Teach your children well: Viral tweet sparks debate over passing on faith

"Do not evangelize a child," Brandt tweeted Wednesday (Jan. 8).

ELCA Churchwide Assembly calls sexism and patriarchy sins, condemns white supremacy

A new social statement from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America labels patriarchy and sexism as sins and acknowledges the church’s complicity in them.

Nuns & Nones helps millennials find surprise soulmates in Catholic sisters

Joining the Catholic women religious in contemplation was a group of young women who aren’t sure they’d describe themselves as religious in any sense.

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