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Elizabeth Goldstein

Rabbi Elizabeth W. Goldstein is a progressive rabbi in Eastern Washington and an Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Gonzaga University. She specializes in Biblical and Jewish Studies with a focus on Gender Studies and Judaism. Rabbi Goldstein also serves Jewish students and faculty as the Jewish Chaplain in the Office of Mission and Ministry at Gonzaga University. In addition to her responsibilities at Gonzaga, Elizabeth leads monthly Shabbat services: Friday nights at Gonzaga and Saturday mornings at Temple Beth Shalom. She travels to Richland, WA and Moscow, ID as a visiting rabbi and scholar and is working on building a monthly interfaith service through Spokane Favs. To see where she is and when, please visit her website rabbielizabethwgoldstein.com. Goldstein is currently working on her third book and is most grateful for her four amazing children and her beloved wife, local healer and writer, Kimberly Burnham.

Ask A Jew: Wasted Prayer

The term is not so much of a “wasted blessing” as it better translated and understood as a “ blessing for nought” or a nullified blessing. In Hebrew it is a “bracha l’vatala,” from the word nullification-like we nullify our leaven before Passover.

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