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Monday, December 11, 2023

David Gibson

David Gibson is an award-winning religion journalist, author and filmmaker. He is a national reporter for RNS and has written two books on Catholic topics, the latest a biography of Pope Benedict XVI.

Bernie Sanders won’t be addressing pro-Israel group

Bernie Sanders is the only Jewish candidate in the presidential field of two Democrats and three Republicans, and he will also be the only one not addressing next week’s annual meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Boston Cardinal O’Malley praises Oscar winner ‘Spotlight’

Cardinal Sean O’Malley, head of the Archdiocese of Boston, whose record on clergy sex abuse was uncovered by The Boston Globe and portrayed in this year’s Oscar-winning film “Spotlight,” has praised the movie for forcing the Catholic Church to acknowledge its “crimes and sins.”

Nun, Methodist bishop blast Trump for using faith as a ‘ploy to grab votes’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump convincingly won the Nevada caucuses but is still struggling in what might be called “the Pope Francis primary.”

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos as Lord Vishnu? Magazine apologizes for deity depiction

the editor of Fortune magazine is now apologizing for a colorful cover that depicts Bezos as the Hindu deity Vishnu — known as the Preserver — in a story on Amazon’s plans to “conquer” the enormous marketplace in India.

Did Pope Francis say Lutherans can take Communion at Catholic Mass?

Francis stressed that it was not his place to give permission for Protestants to receive Catholic Communion, and that differences on doctrine remain.

Chicago archbishop calls for tough gun control laws

Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago, named by Pope Francis to that high-profile post a year ago, has issued a powerful call for tougher gun control laws in a move that may push the volatile issue further up the Catholic hierarchy’s agenda than it has been before.

Pope Francis met Kentucky clerk Kim Davis: ‘Stay strong!’

The meeting with Davis took place on Thursday (Sept. 24), just before Francis left Washington for New York, Davis’ lawyer said late Tuesday.

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