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Daniel Pschaida

Daniel Pschaida hails from San Diego and married into the Spokane area where he has made his home since 2017. Passionate about Spokane’s interfaith movement, basketball, Harry Potter books and nature hikes with his wife Tiara, he also teaches comparative religion at Gonzaga University and history at Eastern Washington University. You can also sometimes find his shared, personal reflections on the Baha'i writings on his blog.

Ask a Baha’i: Would a Christian need to pray to Bahá’u’lláh, not Jesus, if converting to the Baha’i faith?

If I followed the teaching of Baha’i would I need to change my lifelong relationship with Jesus? I wonder how can I, as a lifelong Christian, focus my prayers from Jesus to Bahá’u’lláh?

Ask a Bahá’í: How Do Bahá’ís Get Clergy?

There are no clergy in the Bahá’í Faith. Each person is enjoined by Bahá’u’lláh — the Promised One of all Religions, who founded the Bahá’í Faith — to investigate truth for ourselves, to learn and not rely upon “the knowledge of [our] neighbor” and “see with [our] own eyes.”

Ask a Baha’i: How Has Your Faith Changed Over the Years?

The 20th century had a focus on bringing the teachings to and establishing Bahá’í communities in every country and region of the world, which Bahá’ís were quite successful at.

Ask a Baha’i: Should People of Different Faith Marry?

There is no guidance that prevents or advises against a Bahá’í marrying someone of a different religion.

Ask A Baha’i: What do you Love About Your Faith?

I love God. I love His latest Manifestation in Bahá’u’lláh, the many teachings of other religions.

Ask a Bahá’í: How Can Bahá’í’s Believe There Is Only One Religion?

Yes, the Bahá’í teaching that “all the religions are one” is a challenging claim. Religions say different things, contradictory things, often in opposition to each other. In fact, in a single religious tradition — such as Christianity — various denominations often say diametrically opposing things on certain issues, such as who was Jesus, how do we attain salvation and should Christians be drinking alcohol.

Ask a Bahai: How can Hinduism and Islam be the word of God?

To invite us to this relationship with Him, God has raised up messengers from among all peoples around the globe throughout history who have called us to worship our one Creator with sincerity and love and cultivate relationships with others characterized by kindness, compassion and honesty.

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