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Annemarie Frohnhoefer

Annemarie Frohnhoefer is a writer, editor and ghostwriter based in Spokane. Their work has appeared in High Desert Journal, The Inlander, The Spokesman-Review and other publications across the U.S. They are a member of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church and a baptized Roman Catholic.

In Spokane Region Organists, Organs and Liturgical Music Are Rare and Priceless

From Kansas City to Baltimore and across smaller cities throughout the United States, pastors and church councils have found it difficult to hire organists. 

Suicide Prevention in Black Churches: Reclaiming Culture and Power

Soul Shop for Black Churches, a faith-based, suicide prevention resource, has recognized the central role the Black church plays in the community. Preparing leaders of faith communities to provide culturally and psychologically-based support to struggling community members is a step toward reclaiming cultural power and identity in the face of suicide, stress and hardship.

High Holy Days: Spokane’s Jewish Community Welcome’s New Year 5782

The Jewish community in Spokane, and all over the world, is welcoming the new year beginning at sundown on Sunday, Sept.25. Rosh Hashanah is celebrated with family and friends, celebratory and traditional foods, religious music, chants, prayer and reflection. 

A Growing Pagan Community in Spokane: Festival Draws More than 800 People

A growing pagan community in Spokane draws more than 800 people to the first Northwest Pagan Fest.

Racial justice and transgender awareness author to speak in Spokane, Pullman & Moscow

An engaging, optimistic person, it’s no surprise that Ivester considers herself a storyteller. She aims to bring awareness to audiences about transgender communities and hopes that audience members walk away with a greater degree of comfort with the transgender community than they had in the past.

Personal Faith, Community Collaboration & Lived Experience Meet Spokane’s Homeless Crisis

When Mariah Villanpando arrived in Spokane in 2017 to escape a domestic abuse situation in rural Washington, she and her children had no choice but to live in their car. Despite the trauma of abuse, the anxiety of an unplanned relocation and the stress of single motherhood, Villanpando was determined to find safe housing for her family. She went through intake at one of the large, faith-based organizations in Spokane, but the resources she needed were not readily available. Five years later, she still hasn’t heard back. 

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