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Ask A Jew: What does God look like?


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By Hyphen Parent

What does God look like? In the Old Testament we have numerous accounts of him in the physical world; he wrestles with Jacob, walks with Adam and speaks with his back to Moses on Mount Sinai. Does God look like a human?

SPO_Ask-a-Jew-ad_042114G-d has no form. All references to seeing or experiencing him in a human form are ways of explaining G-d in a way humans will understand. They don’t mean G-d is limited to a physical form, but rather that humans are limited in our understanding of G-d.

We need him explained in a way that makes sense to us. The references don’t mean anyone literally saw or walked with G-d. They’re just an attempt to explain G-d in a way we humans can better understand and a way for prophets to process what they experienced.

Hyphen Parent
Hyphen Parent
Dorothy-Ann Parent (better known as Hyphen) is a writer, a traditional Jew, a seeker of justice, a lover of stories and someone who’s best not left unattended in a bookshop or animal shelter.

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