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Viewpoints: Does God Punish His Children?

Do you believe that God punishes us ,or curses us, if we sin?

VIEWPOINTS: What does healing look like to you?

This question comes on a day when the U.S. faces its deadliest school shooting since the Newtown massacre: What does healing look like to you? 

VIEWPOINTS: How important is religious affiliation today?

Do you think religious affiliation is of more or less importance in today's world than in the past? 

Viewpoints: Thanksgiving Traditions

This week's question comes on the heals of Thanksgiving: What pieces of advice would you pass on to the next generation as they establish their own Thanksgiving (holiday) traditions?

Viewpoints: Religious leaders and politics

This week we're asking a question about faith leaders and their role in politics. To what extent should religious leaders be involved in politics?

Viewpoints: Defining religion

How do you define religion?

Viewpoints: Hopes for the New Year

A new year comes with a new beginning. We asked FāVS writers what they hope 2017 will bring.

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