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Ask a Jew: Is there a Significance in a $36 Donation?

I notice during this giving season that many of my Jewish friends make financial donations in the amount of $36. Is there a significance in this number?

Ask a Jew: Is It Offensive if I Wear the Star of David to Support Israel?

In solidarity with Israel, I’d like to wear the star of David, but I was born Protestant. Is it offensive for me to do this?

Ask A Jew: Are Jewish Dietary Laws Outdated?

Our Ask a Jew writer, Hyphen Parent, answers the question "Are Jewish dietary laws outdated?"

Ask a Jew: What Is Rosh Hashanah and How Is It Celebrated?

What exactly is Rosh Hashanah and how is it celebrated or observed?

Ask a Jew: Would I Be Welcomed if I Visited a Local Synagogue?

Would I be welcomed if I visited a local synagogue? The quick answer is, “Generally, yes, you’ll be very welcome.” That being said, a little preparation will make all the difference.

Ask A Jew: Playing a Jewish Character

Wearing the arm band as part of a role portraying a Jewish character during the Holocaust isn’t generally problematic.

Ask A Jew: Star of David and Conversion

The Star of David is a well-known symbol of Judaism. To wear or use one when one isn’t Jewish or isn’t in the active process of officially becoming Jewish is cultural appropriation. I’ve written in the past about this exact topic: Ask A Jew: Wearing the Star of David.

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