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Ask a Catholic: Do Animals Have Souls?

There doesn't seem to be, strictly speaking, any official teaching of the Catholic Church about whether animals have souls or not. 

Ask a Catholic: Are Sacraments Necessary to Get to Heaven?

The sacraments are given to us as ways to nourish, in various ways, an active love for God and neighbor. They are means to an end, not ends in themselves. 

Ask a Catholic: How Many Good Works Do You Need to Get into Heaven?

Historically, one of the points of disagreement between Martin Luther and Roman Catholic leaders had to do with the connection between faith and good works. Luther insisted that salvation depended on faith alone, while Catholic teachers responded that one's eternal destiny required good works. 

Ask A Catholic: 3 Days & The Sabbath

There is no mention in the Bible of God establishing the Sabbath on any particular day of the week

Ask A Catholic: Spirits of the Dead?

This may come as a surprise, but Catholics not only believe in spirits of the dead, but we take this idea far more seriously than do many other Christians and other believers.

Ask A Catholic: Born Again?

Catholics and Protestants agree that to be saved, you have to be born again. 

Ask A Catholic: The Bible and Blasphemy

If Jesus is the Word of God that is God, from the Gospel of John, then how is calling a collection of letters, poetry, and other stories [the Bible], “The Word of God” not blasphemy?

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